All Scratch & Dent Condition Appliances
Scratch & Dent Condition Definition Major appliances with cosmetic scratches and/or dents but in operational condition. These appliances are sorted into classes A/B and C. Please see the table below for detailed descriptions of product grades.  
Scratch & Dent Packaging Information Original packaging has been removed for inspection purposes and replaced with corner protection and plastic wrap. 
Scratch & Dent Warranty Information These appliances are covered by a one year parts and labor functional warranty, but cosmetic parts, such as panels, doors, handles, etc are not covered. 

Scratch & Dent Condition Grades
Disclaimer: All lettered conditions are sub-conditions within the Scratch & Dent condition.
Scratch & Dent Grade A/B Definition Surface scratches and / or dents that do not interfere with the operation of the product, handles may be missing. Units are assumed to be functional. 
Scratch & Dent Grade C Definition Multiple scratches and / or dents, more severe than A/B grade, but still functional. Doors seal and units can be leveled during installation.